The Book of Me and You: A Record of Us (PINK)

Colour Chronicles

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Share the things that make you, you, in this keep-forever memory book for children and their special grown-ups to share.

The Book of Me and You is designed to be filled out by children and a special grown-up in their lives. That could be a grandparent, godparent, guideparent, odd parent, aunt, uncle or someone else. It’s a chance to share the things that make both of you, you. It’s a chance to spend special time together and get to know each other on a whole new level. And it’s a chance to pass on wisdom, advice and funny stories. 

Created to be filled out over time, and treasured forever, there are sections for you both to fill out individually and together. There’s room to draw or add photos. Prompts include earliest memory, the little things that make your day, recipes to pass on, and your philosophy for living a good life.

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