Maths Flash Cards - Set of 3

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Maths Flash Cards - Set of 3

This set includes 3 packs of flashcards introducing early learners to the practice of addition, multiplication and time. Each laminated card can be written on with whiteboard markers and simply wiped clean for reuse and continued learning. The cards have round edges for easy sorting and are brightly illustrated making them engaging and fun.
  • They're perfect for learning activities at home or in the classroom.
  • They can be used to develop addition, multiplication and time skills.
  • The cards are laminated so they can be wiped clean.
  • There are 3 packs in this set, with each pack containing 65 cards.
  • There's an activity guide included to help you use the cards.
  • Each card measures 12.3cm x 8.7cm

Recommended for ages 7 & over.

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