Prepping For School Success, Julie Dore

Julie Dore

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Prepping for School Success, Written by Julie Dore

The idea behind ‘Prepping for School Success’ began with Author, Educator and Speaker Julie Dore wanting to help parents and children be better prepared for school. She had been teaching for 14 years, knew everything about teaching, schools and children but then her eldest daughter started Kindy and Prep and a whole lot of new issues arose.

It was very different being on the other side, going from the teacher to the parent in a school setting. She knew parents always asked a lot of questions in the early years and now she was asking questions herself. Then in dawned on her… parents are not prepared for this.

Parents are not told about of lot of things that they should be doing to better prepare themselves and their children for school. It is just assumed they know what they should be doing and that their children should be prepared for school when they get there.

But who is teaching the parents and the children all these things they are supposed to know before they get to school? Well no one that Julie could see. So she decided to write it all down. She wrote down all the things she wished she knew before her daughter started Kindy, all the things that children should know and be doing before they get to school and all the things that parents should know about preparing their child for school and life.

She hopes that through her book and workshops that she runs for parents and educators that all parents, children and teachers can not only survive the early years, but thrive! They are the most important years in a child’s development, they set the foundations for all future learning. It’s time to make these early years a happy and successful time for everyone.

Snapshot of contents;

Chapter 1 My Story
Chapter 2 The School Lowdown
Chapter 3 Are You Ready for This?
Chapter 4 Behind the Scenes
Chapter 5 Street Smart
Chapter 6 Fitting In
Chapter 7 Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Chapter 8 Oh Behave
Chapter 9 Let’s Get Physical
Chapter 10 Word Smart
Chapter 11 Number Smart
Chapter 12 Alarm Bells

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