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Our Responsibility Chart is a fun visual aid, designed to support your child with their growing responsibilities. 

The chart can be used to record a variety of activities, including:

  • Chores and household responsibilities
  • Daily and weekly tasks
  • Prompts / reminders
  • School and homework tasks

Our Responsibility Chart can also be used to support the introduction of a pocket money system at home.

Use the colourful set of 'piggy' magnets included to allocate pocket money for certain chores and responsibilities.

Move the piggy magnets across when tasks are completed and tally up at the end of the week!

The chart surface is liquid chalk friendly and reusable. Simply wipe clean with a soft damp cloth and start again.


1 x Responsibility Chart (A3 Hanging Chart)

1 x Pig Magnet Set (A4)

1 x Liquid Chalk Marker

Recommended 3+years. 

Please note: wet wipes and wet paper towel should not be used to clean and will cause damage to our chart surfaces. We recommend a soft damp cloth such as a microfibre cloth.

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