Weekly Routine Magnet Set

Weekly Routine Magnet Set

Prepp'd Kids

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Our Weekly Routine magnets are great visual aids which can be used to support your child's routine. Use on one of our magnetic base charts or make your own (think DIY!).

- Sit down with your child to discuss their upcoming activities for the week. Use the individual magnets to represent their routine and any additional activities or events planned, to create a nice clear visual aid.

- Use our magnets to introduce and develop concepts of time, days of the week, word recognition.

- Use photo frames to represent people in your child's life and routine. For example, a picture of nanna to represent nanna daycare, a picture of family daycare mum, a respite or support worker, a photo of dad to show his return from travel or his FIFO roster. 

- Warning! This product is not suitable for children under 3 years. Contains small parts.


- Weekly Routine Magnet Set, 46 x square picture magnets (4 x 4cm), 2 x blank magnets.

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