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Behind the Scenes: We Started On The Kitchen Table - Prepp'd Kids

Behind the Scenes: We Started On The Kitchen Table

We started Prepp'd Kids on the kitchen table.. read how it all began!

Yep, we are one of those businesses that started on our kitchen table.

I was on my third maternity leave and a little lost in the monotony of looking after young kids at home. Each time I left work, I struggled with the transition from leaving a high functioning job in a busy hospital environment, to feeding, changing and cleaning up after a young baby and toddler all day.

I have always had an overactive mind and had to find some way to fill the void of my challenging work and keep my mind active.

I started working on the business when our little guy was just 4 months old, using overnight feeds to google ‘how to start a business’, website hosting platforms and intensely research all of the brands I wanted to stock.

My husband and I sat down and created a business plan using templates we found online. After many late nights and short sleeps, I established a website and was approved to stock a limited range of brands. When we thought we had everything ready, we were nervous… but went LIVE!

We were fortunate enough to start receiving orders straight away, with the support of our large network of family and friends. The first night was hilarious as we set up to pack orders on the kitchen table... We didn’t know how to use a packing tape gun and it was a little messy for a while lol.

We started posting on various Facebook pages and received a very positive response to our magnetic planners and the orders kept coming. We had our desk and label printer set up in the lounge room and when the kids went down each night, we set up for an evening of packing!

This was not an easy period however we persevered as orders continued to increase each week and month, and we observed the business growing.

One day, our local courier who collected each morning announced that we were his biggest customer.

In a short time, our shipments of magnetic planners and kids routine charts doubled and tripled in size.

We filled every space and cupboard in the house with stock and eventually had to purchase a shipping container. We later moved across town to a bigger block where we occupied an enclosed double carport AND shipping container, and later hired an additional storage shed.

In February 2020, a commercial warehouse came up 5 mins from home and we decided to take the leap and sign a lease.

Running a small business with young kids is very challenging and there are not enough hours in the day. But I do love a challenge and the creative aspect of it. It’s also kind of cool to reflect on how much we’ve grown in 5 years.

Thanks for reading and supporting our small business!

 PS. My mahogany dining table was never the same... and eventually had to be replaced.