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Activity & Reward Charts

Introducing our exclusive range of Routine & Reward Charts. Our visuals have been designed with purpose and we’d love to share some of the many benefits with you.

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There are several educational benefits of using visual aids with children (and adults!). They can improve memory and retention, sequencing, picture and word recognition. They can help with distractibility, reduce stress and raised voices during peak hours of the day, and improve time management.

Visual Aids can make everyday tasks easier by prompting your child through their routines. Our charts are interactive and children can be praised and encouraged to move the illustrated magnet tiles across the chart to complete their tasks.

Children thrive on calm and predictable routines in the home and charts can help establish these by setting out clear expectations and visuals.  

They address many common pain points for parents and carers. E.g. Getting ready in the morning, dressing, brushing hair or teeth, eating dinner. Children can be gently redirected to their visuals, prompted and encouraged through their routine. 

Our activity and reward charts are built on a foundation of positive parenting.  We recommend engaging your child in the set up of their visuals, starting with achievable tasks to build confidence and empower your little one, and providing lots of praise and encouragement when tasks have been completed!

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