Frequently Asked Questions


Free Pick Up

FREE local pick up is available for residents in the Cairns Region, Far North Queensland. Simply select this option on checkout. We will send you an email with information you require to collect your items in Cairns.

Shipping Fees

We offer $9.95 flat-rate shipping storewide.

What if I purchased an item on pre-order?

If you purchase an item on pre-order, it will be shipped as soon as it arrives at Prepp’d HQ.

If you have purchased an item on pre-order along with other products on the website, ALL items will be held to await your pre-order. We will not be able to support multiple shipments.

If you live in Cairns, you can collect your initial shopping and return for your pre-order when it arrives.  

Magnetic Chalkboards

How do I write on my Magnetic Chalkboard planner?

We recommend using Uni liquid chalk markers which can also be purchased via our website. Uni markers are high quality and the colours look very effective on our chalkboards. They are also a ‘wet-erase’ marker which is what our products have been designed for. 

You can get cheaper liquid chalk markers, however these are generally poor quality. Eg. they often don’t look anywhere near as vibrant, they don’t last long, they may not be ‘wet-erase’ markers and could be difficult to wipe off or leave a 'ghosting' effect.

How do I use/prime my liquid chalk markers?

When you first use liquid chalk markers, you will need to ‘prime the nib’ to get the ink to run through to the nib/tip. Simply hold your marker at a 90 degree angle and carefully pump the nib down on some paper until the ink starts to come through. Don’t overdo it or you will have excess ink. 

If you have not used your markers for a while, similarly, give them a little shake and carefully pump the nib a couple of times to get fresh ink through.