Eat Well Chart

Fiesta Crafts

  • $25.00

Promote healthy eating for kids with the Magnetic Eat Well Chart from Fiesta Crafts.

Kids place magnetic pieces on the healthy eating plate to monitor their eating habits and find ways to choose a more balanced and healthier diet.

Following the red, amber and green traffic light system, each pack contains 86 colour coded food pieces to instantly identify which foods are healthy foods and those that aren't.

Inspire kids to try healthy snacks and encourage healthier food swaps eg have a smoothie instead of a sugary fizzy drink, and use it as a reward chart to motivate children to learn food facts and reach their daily challenge.

It will also help parents succeed with the increasingly difficult challenge of getting kids to try different foods and eat more healthily.

Families can use the chart as a healthy meal planning template using the green healthy food pieces and even find ways to help the family eat well for less using the 22 blank pieces included to write in your choice of healthy foods with the dry erase pen.

Made by Fiesta Crafts.

Dimensions: 36cm x 25cm
Age Range: 3-9 years

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