Reward Chart Set (flexible magnetic)

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Our Reward Chart is packed with modern features!! I mean what other chart features rewards such as 1:1 Mum & Dad time, a babychino or ipad?!!

- Sit down with your children to establish some age-appropriate tasks/goals together, that you'd like to spend some time working on.

- Encourage your child/ren to participate in the selection of their own relevant and age-appropriate rewards.  

- Discuss and agree how many stars your child requires in order to meet their reward. This may vary according to child's age or number of tasks used per child.

- Use provided stars to encourage and positively reinforce your child's efforts and progress toward their reward/s. The key here is positive reinforcement!

- Use the reward chart to support everyday routines including; toilet training, brushing teeth, bathing/showering and bedtime routine. Promote family values such as sharing, using manners, playing nicely with siblings. Encourage healthier eating habits/behaviour at the dinner table. The possibilities are endless!

- Set realistic and achievable expectations and be sure to celebrate with your child when they demonstrate progress toward and reach their reward. 

- The magnetic base chart is liquid chalk friendly and designed to grow with your family. You can personalise with your child/ren's names or customise it further using liquid chalk and/or the additional blank magnets included. This provides the option of writing down/recording pocket money or additional tasks and rewards.

- The reward chart (base) is a flexible, large format magnet designed for your fridge or an alternative magnetic board/surface. 

- Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small magnets.


- Magnetic Base Chart (A3 size)

- Task/Reward Magnet Set; 37 x square picture magnets, 3 x blank magnets, with dimension 4 x 4cm.

- Star magnet Set; 10 x 4 colours (40 total), with dimension 3 x 3cm.


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