Reward Magnet Set

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Our Reward Magnet Set is packed with modern features!! I mean, what other chart features rewards such as 1:1 Mum & Dad time, a babychino or ipad?!!

This magnet set can be used on the corresponding magnetic Reward Chart, as an extension at the bottom of the Weekly Routine Chart, or you can use independently of these and DIY at home!

- Sit down with your children to establish some age-appropriate tasks/goals together, that you'd like to spend some time working on.

- Encourage your child/ren to participate in the selection of their own relevant and age-appropriate rewards.  

- Discuss and agree how many stars your child requires in order to meet their reward. This may vary according to child's age or number of tasks used per child.

- Use provided stars to encourage and positively reinforce your child's efforts and progress toward their reward/s. The key here is positive reinforcement!

- Use the reward chart to support everyday routines including; toilet training, brushing teeth, bathing/showering and bedtime routine. Promote family values such as sharing, using manners, playing nicely with siblings. Encourage healthier eating habits/behaviour at the dinner table. The possibilities are endless!

- Set realistic and achievable expectations and be sure to celebrate with your child when they demonstrate progress toward and reach their reward. 

Warning! Not Suitable for children under 3 years. Contains small parts.


- Task/Reward Magnet Set; 37 x square picture magnets, 3 x blank magnets, with dimension 4 x 4cm.

- Star magnet Set; 10 x 4 colours (40 total), with dimension 3 x 3cm.

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